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PLASTITE® 48-2 Fastener

This fastener has a TRILOBULAR™ shaped body and a pitch that is generally twice that of a comparable size machine screw. The '48' in the 48-2 name suffix refers to the steeper 48 included angle thread profile. The 2 in the 48-2 suffix refers to the twin lead, or twin helix. This twin lead fastener drives twice as fast as a comparable pitch single lead fastener, such as the PLASTITE® 60-1 fastener. This feature raises the failure torque, which was a paramount concern with the relatively soft plastics popular when this screw was introduced. Available only in an "inch" series, metric versions of this fastener generally utilize a metric head on an "inch" body. However, the fastener is then referred to by a metric call-out obtained by converting the diameter and pitch to millimeters (mm). Such a conversion is referred to as a soft conversion.




PLASTITE® 60-1 Fastener

Our first specialty fastener for plastic. This fastener has a TRILOBULAR™ shaped body, a 60 included angle thread profile, and a pitch that is generally twice that of a comparable size machine screw. Available in a metric series only as a soft conversion. It is recommended that the newer designs for plastic such as REMFORM® or PLASTITE® 45 fasteners be used alternatively.





This fastener is a TRILOBULAR™ bodied buttress thread fastener designed for simple push-in insertion. The asymmetrical thread of 70° on the leading flank and 10° on the trailing flank results in a fastener that usually requires more pull out force than the original insertion force. Of course, this fastener is suitable only for soft ductile plastics that possess a memory.





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